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Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman
holds tools for healing in her magic basket.
Medicine Woman
dances in the moonlight and sings her prayers.
Medicine Woman knows herbs and signs, seasons and stars.
Medicine Woman is old - is young
is in between maiden and mother, mother and crone.
She is the part in each of us that knows deeply.
That sees clearly. That listens between words.
She moves between worlds.
Medicine Woman cannot be domesticated, at all. ever.
Even when we don't recognize her,
She is there. Always. Calling.
She has butterflies in her hair.
She has on red cowboy boots.
She can be found at the movies
with teenage girls on Saturday night.
She may get a tattoo of the Guadualupe
on her bicep in downtown San Franciso.
Or rollerskate through Central Park at 7 am.
She may teach workshops on tantra
or accounting or raw food or revolution.
She definitely runs with wolves and wolfey women.
She is fierce about many many things.
She is compassionate about, well, almost everything.
She plays hard. She takes action.
She tree sits and marches and prays.
She may paint glitter on her toe nails
and let her armpit hair grow, and her mustache too.
She is not one way, we cannot say,
oh yes, that is how she is.
Because she is the changing one.
She is the place within us that wants it all.
And wants to give it all up. And live simply.
She swims naked in the ocean.
She rides a motorcycle up the coast.
She paints, she writes, she dances, she dreams, she runs businesses.
She is medicine woman.
She heals the unexpressed in us.
She asks the question -
Who are you not being?

© Shiloh Sophia McCloud 2007


Feb. 17th, 2011 12:00 am
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Well, that was mental.

I had forgotten how crazy live gigs can be. I was right in the middle, ten foot from the stage, and it was moshpit central, although security kept trying to break it up. But good luck to them even trying to get in there in the crush. I'd have thought that being in a heaving mass of sweaty strangers would be unpleasant, but I just threw myself in and elbowed anyone who was aggressive, and actually it was fun!

My Chemical Romance are fantastic live. They played it like they meant it. Frank Iero is incredibly rock and roll, even in a dodgy green cardigan; Ray Toro is amazing and note-perfect; Gerard was excellent; and Mikey was cool. They came out in Irish football shirts for the last song, which was well-meaning but kinda bizarre. The new drummer guy, whoever the hell he is, was fine; even the two support acts (LostAlone and The Blackout) didn't suck.

The music was such a rush. I danced and sang and screamed my guts out for four hours, and now my face hurts from smiling and I ache all over.

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Some youtube links for your viewing and listening pleasure:

Greig's Hall of the Mountain King played by Apocalyptica. Come for the exquisite classical music, stay for the long-haired half-naked biker dudes playing it whilst on speed. Unf! (Thanks to Rakshanda for the link.)

White & Nerdy featuring the Doctor! Oh, how I laughed. And while I'm on the subject, how about the Doctor Who theme played on Tesla Coils? (Thanks to Itsaslashything and Maychorian.)
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As revealed yesterday on Radio 4.

The source of the information was a Druid, at Glastonbury Tor.

He said he got it from reading the package information on a bottle of bleach.

It said...

"Stand upright in a cool place."

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