May. 28th, 2018 06:56 pm
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I'm delighted that the referendum passed and the bloody 8th Amendment has been repealed. Good riddance to bad rubbish! Legislation is due to be introduced soon. It's great! I can't quite believe it. I really thought that it would fail or just pass by one or two per cent. There was a referendum to introduce divorce a while back, which just passed by a mere 9,000 votes. I thought this would be the same - if we were lucky.

Boy, was I wrong! But in a good way. The exit poll results came through about ten minutes after the polling stations closed. I was on the phone to a friend at the time, who was in the middle of telling me tearfully how she'd been spat at and cold shouldered by No voters earlier that day while walking through her local village on the way to the polling station, and how she'd had to stop herself crying while actually voting. I was making sympathetic noises when I refreshed the Irish Times website, and hey presto - Irish Times exit poll projects Ireland has voted by a landslide to repeal the 8th. I told her about this and we were both so amazed. I mean, we never dreamt of a landslide!

Exit polls have been wrong before. Look at Brexit and the Trump election. We were on tenterhooks until late the next day when the official result was read out. We watched the counts progressing. We watched people leaving flowers and notes at the Savita Halapannavar mural in Dublin city. We were continuing to bite what was left of our nails. Eventually the result was announced at Dublin castle. It was official.

Mainly I felt a massive sense of relief and a bit of disbelief, which is slowly wearing off.

The joy will come later, once the result sinks in. And nothing is going to bring back Savita Halapannavar or Michelle Harte or Aisha Chithira or Sheila Hodgers or any of the other women who have died because of the 8th Amendment, or turn back the clock on all the women and girls who suffered because of it.

But still. This is a wonderful thing.

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As you might know, here in Ireland, there's an abortion ban. The 8th Amendment to our constitution back in 1983 enshrined in the law of the land the equal valuing of a woman's life and that of a fertilised egg, or a foetus. This state of affairs has led to various situations like around 170,000 Irish women and girls (some of whom are rape survivors, some as young as eleven) having to get the boat or the plane to England to have their pregnancies terminated, women with a diagnosis of fatal fetal abnormality having to go to England to have the birth induced, at least one teenager being put in a psychiatric hospital when she requested an abortion, some women being forced to have C sections when they didn't want to, some women being denied cancer treatment due to their pregnancies, plus a fair few women dying, such as Savita Halappanavar, who was suffering a septic miscarriage but her doctors wouldn't treat the infection or terminate her pre-viable pregnancy until the foetal heartbeat stopped.

It's Thursday night. Tomorrow is polling day. Saturday we get the result. I really hope the referendum succeeds and we manage to repeal the 8th. I don't want to be ashamed to be Irish anymore.

If you're Irish, please vote yes tomorrow.

If you're not Irish, send us good vibes.


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I'm so excited! The Church of Ireland has appointed a female bishop for the first time in its history.

Yes we have. \o/ And it goes without saying that it's about fecking time.

Also this week, the Church in Wales voted overwhelmingly to back women bishops, joining the Scottish church who already do back women bishops but haven't yet appointed any.

We Celts in the Anglican Communion have got our act together. Come on, the English. :)
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Medicine Woman

Medicine Woman
holds tools for healing in her magic basket.
Medicine Woman
dances in the moonlight and sings her prayers.
Medicine Woman knows herbs and signs, seasons and stars.
Medicine Woman is old - is young
is in between maiden and mother, mother and crone.
She is the part in each of us that knows deeply.
That sees clearly. That listens between words.
She moves between worlds.
Medicine Woman cannot be domesticated, at all. ever.
Even when we don't recognize her,
She is there. Always. Calling.
She has butterflies in her hair.
She has on red cowboy boots.
She can be found at the movies
with teenage girls on Saturday night.
She may get a tattoo of the Guadualupe
on her bicep in downtown San Franciso.
Or rollerskate through Central Park at 7 am.
She may teach workshops on tantra
or accounting or raw food or revolution.
She definitely runs with wolves and wolfey women.
She is fierce about many many things.
She is compassionate about, well, almost everything.
She plays hard. She takes action.
She tree sits and marches and prays.
She may paint glitter on her toe nails
and let her armpit hair grow, and her mustache too.
She is not one way, we cannot say,
oh yes, that is how she is.
Because she is the changing one.
She is the place within us that wants it all.
And wants to give it all up. And live simply.
She swims naked in the ocean.
She rides a motorcycle up the coast.
She paints, she writes, she dances, she dreams, she runs businesses.
She is medicine woman.
She heals the unexpressed in us.
She asks the question -
Who are you not being?

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